The Discovery World

See the story of a Swiss family from the inside and discover how three successive generations have passed on their values of authenticity, innovation and sustainability, both in the form of their cult brands Ragusa and Torino and at an entrepreneurial level. A fascinating story where three managers have left their mark – Camille, Rolf and Daniel Bloch – each inspired by the ideas of their time but, above all, they were in turn trailblazers and visionaries.

Guided Tour

Let yourself be guided through the Discovery World.
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Take the Discovery Tour. Immerse yourself in the key significant moments in the company’s history, seen and explained within the historical and economic context, from when the company was established in 1929 right up to the present day.

An emotional and educational journey of more than 90 minutes, punctuated by films, demonstrations and unique interactive experiences to enliven the senses – not forgetting, of course, an opportunity to sample the delicacies on offer.


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The Workshop

Supercharge all your senses to create your chocolate!

Make your own gourmet chocolate in the company of your friends and colleagues and with the help of a master chocolatier from Camille Bloch: it gives the opportunity to share a unique experience together and, at the same time, find out about something new.


Our Ateliers are available for children aged 10 or over.

The course is given in the most spoken language by the participants (french, german or english). The important steps are translated in the second language.



Is there any child that hasn’t dreamt of celebrating its birthday in a chocolate factory?

In three hours, each child will produce their own 150g Ragusa. The presents will be given during the homemade chocolate fondue. After the workshop and fondue there is a free visit in the Discovery World. All this topped with a certified diploma from CHEZ Camille Bloch.

This package is available for children aged between 6 and 16 (max. 12 children). It is mandatory for one adult to be present for every four children.

+ 41 32 945 13 13

3h: CHF 290.-*

*The acces to the Discovery World is for free.


One working place and one entry to the Discovery World per person.


The child (6-16 years) and the adult share a working place, create and get one chocolate and one work apron. The acces to the Discovery World is for free for both.

The Bistro and the terraces

Your gourmet meeting place

With seating for 60 people, the area at Camille is an inviting opportunity to savour a relaxing moment in a unique and warm atmosphere.

High tables, low tables, a bar, a children’s corner… everything has been designed to put you at your ease and provide a welcoming atmosphere to share emotions, memories, dreams and create a genuine place to meet.

The sweet delicacies and drinks based on Camille Bloch products, as well as a range of regional specialities, will delight the taste buds of gourmets and those who enjoy good food.

When the weather is good, you can enjoy two magnificent terraces to savour your chocolate or the delicacies of your choice.

On the gardens side, there is a terrace for relaxation where you can enjoy the luxuriant, green surroundings. On the Piazza side, there is a terrace with an urban atmosphere for a moment of contemplation.


+41 32 945 14 48

The Shop

Ragusa, Torino and much, much more

Visit our most complete assortment in the shop and let yourself be tempted by the vast choice of Ragusa, Torino and Camille Bloch specialities and the many articles offered exclusively at Courtelary.

Whether you are a fan of Ragusa Classique, Ragusa Noir or Torino Blond, you can be sure you will find something to please you from the wide choice of chocolates.

And don’t miss out on being the first to taste our new products.

PICK & MIX – tailored to suit your taste!
You choose the delicacies you prefer and put together your own assortment.

Ragusa in the original packaging, Torino in all its forms, liqueur chocolates, unique recipes, exclusive tastes that are not generally available – there is everything you can desire there!

And, don’t forgot, the presents and the personalized Ragusa for your nearest and dearest for a birthday or any other occasion.



In detail

Personalized Ragusa

Personalised Ragusa

Come and witness the exciting première of an ingenious procedure that allows a personal message to be engraved on a bar of Ragusa.

The box contains a bar of each variety of Ragusa: Classique, Blond and Dark.

You can give this unique present, which is not available elsewhere, to the person of your choice.

Camille Bloch has developed a unique system of engraving on chocolate in collaboration with the Haute Ecole Arc Ingénierie.

The Parc

A delightful green area just for you

A short distance from the banks of the River Suze, L’Espace Jeux consists of three spaces and tempts both young and old to play games in the open air and in a safe environment for a few moments.

Original and exciting games offer scope to while away the time while appreciating the natural beauty of Vallon de Saint-Imier.

Designed to welcome families and school groups, L’Espace Croque is a sheltered and welcoming place for picnics on the banks on the river.

In detail

The Conference Space

Much more than a simple workshop

Our Visitor Centre offers you a warm and convivial place to work. Located on the first floor of CHEZ Camille Bloch, our multi-purpose rooms are perfect venues where you can organise your seminars, conferences, general assemblies and training courses.

The rooms with the names Passion and Vision can be transformed into one large room (called Ambition), so that you can accommodate large numbers.

During breaks, you have access to a pleasant 55m2 terrace, giving you a magnificent view over the river and the green of the surrounding area.

Le Foyer is a space adjoining the multi-purpose rooms, which provides the opportunity to meet for a gourmet experience against a unique backdrop.

Please ask us about the different catering packages for the delicious refreshments that we can provides during the breaks:
+ 41 32 945 13 13